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The Graphic Novel



I have combined traditional art, illustrative, cartoon, minimalism and a bit of manga to develop my own style. I am using a lot of grey, blue and green gamma of colours, but for contrast in some scenes I am adding warm dramatic colours in order to build shocking effect.


Techniques and World building

I was brought up in fine arts, sculpture and digital arts. I love to experiment with different work techniques. As for the comics, I try to keep a stable style that is distinctive and unique. My idea is to build cartoon images with a touch of realism, reflected mainly in the shadows, lights and the depths of the overall picture. For some of the characters I have created clay figures which can be useful during drawing.

I strive to create a living, breathing world. With variety of characters and places that obey one law of reality. Despite the fantastic image of the world, there is no magic in it. Its current state is the product of many years of changes and evolution. The creatures may look bizarre and mysterious, but they are not fairy beings. They have developed different mechanisms and tactics for living in this world. Some of them are heirs of the old world, some have come into existence after the collapse of it. And I believe they are all beautiful in their own way.


Work in progress

The full storyline is completed. All the plot twists and character arcs worked out. What's left to be done now is drawing and colouring  all the scenes and adding the actual text.


World Set

We will find a world located few thousand years after the seventh great extinction. The civilisation of Homo Sapiens is long gone. The surviving species are living in one of the last land masses remained above the water. A continent in the northern part of the hemisphere. Separated in nine Domains each guarded by a Sentinel.  New life forms have emerged and old ones have evolved.



In this story I am aiming to escape the mass structure of most of the fantasy worlds. There won't be big armies fighting over a greater good. Or civilizations of many races. It's a small primal world after a cataclysm. And we will follow the very personal story of Ashtree and Phoenix. The readers will explore the mid of ancient creatures faced with a very human problems. The morals will be grey. There will be no good or bad characters. Just a living beings tangled in a complex and controversial personal quest.



In the graphic novel are seeded the ideas of self-knowing. The understanding of dealing with grief. The ability of overcoming flaws of one character. The acceptance and integration of the darkest depths of the human nature (The Shadow as Carl Jung refer to it) and building a wholeness of what it means to be human (even if there are no humans in the comic I have given to the characters very human traces to which we can relate with). 

The story is also a teaching in respect for the nature and appreciation of all life forms. A strive for discipline, self-care and therefore care for each other. Adopting the courage to take decisions which one doesn't want to take but has to.


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by Yantri

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